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Back to the Basics : Re-exploring the Braid-out

By JadoreBrittanie · July 25, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

When I first went completely natural again in 2009, I was OBSESSED with all of the styles that most hair forums and blogs swore by like the Twist-out, Curly Nikki's Twist-N-Curl, Braid-out, mini twists, bantu knots, bantu knot outs, etc, etc. But for some reason I was always more satisfied with the simple wash-n-go or bun and pretty much have stuck to that over the years. I have gotten a little bored with my hair lately and have even noticed that I'm not retaining as much length as I used to before lightening my hair sooo...I'm revisiting the protective styles I tossed to the wind.


My hair is so fine that it seems not to hold twists very well so I decided to follow the technique that Ms. Cindy outlined in her previous post. It worked out well for me but my fine strands felt a little harder than they normally do in a wash-n-go (possible due to my really heavy hand with products). I didn't like the front so I twisted it back into a boho-chic style. My results are below.


I decided to look for a product to replace the Ecostyler Olive Oil for a softer hold. I am a product junkie so I found a bunch of barely used products that just didn't fit in my regimen before and stumbled across Miss Jessie's Curly Pudding. 


Section by section I parted my moisturized, towel dried hair and applied a dime size amount on each section then braided. My head is small and my hair isn't thick so I parted in three sections (Back, Middle, Front) and did two braids per section. (2x3 = 6 braids) I put small rods at the end of each braid in a spiral pattern for a more polished look.

I got in my Zzzs and went for a run the next morning then took the braids down and the result was a soft, shiny and braidout. It started off more well defined but became fluffier and more frizzy throughout the day but it was probably due to all of the fluffing and my chronic Hand-In-My-Fro syndrome. I will try again tomorrow but with less manipulation because I really like the smell and feel of my hair.





If anyone else has experimented with products that provide a soft hold for a braidout\twist out, be sure to share and comment below. Thanks lovelies :)


posted by Alex Chambers

You've got a beautiful curly hair that other women will surely envy. As for nice products, there are lot of great products out there but we really have to be cautious in picking one for the hair. The quality of products should be checked first.

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