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Back to the Basics : Re-exploring the Braid-out

By JadoreBrittanie · July 25, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

When I first went completely natural again in 2009, I was OBSESSED with all of the styles that most hair forums and blogs swore by like the Twist-out, Curly Nikki's Twist-N-Curl, Braid-out, mini twists, bantu knots, bantu knot outs, etc, etc. But for some reason I was always more satisfied with the simple wash-n-go or bun and pretty much have stuck to that over the years. I have gotten a little bored with my hair lately and have even noticed that I'm not retaining as much length as I used to before lightening my hair sooo...I'm revisiting the protective styles I tossed to the wind.


My hair is so fine that it seems not to hold twists very well so I decided to follow the technique that Ms. Cindy outlined in her previous post. It worked out well for me but my fine strands felt a little harder than they normally do in a wash-n-go (possible due to my really heavy hand with products). I didn't like the front so I twisted it back into a boho-chic style. My results are below.


I decided to look for a product to replace the Ecostyler Olive Oil for a softer hold. I am a product junkie so I found a bunch of barely used products that just didn't fit in my regimen before and stumbled across Miss Jessie's Curly Pudding. 


Section by section I parted my moisturized, towel dried hair and applied a dime size amount on each section then braided. My head is small and my hair isn't thick so I parted in three sections (Back, Middle, Front) and did two braids per section. (2x3 = 6 braids) I put small rods at the end of each braid in a spiral pattern for a more polished look.

I got in my Zzzs and went for a run the next morning then took the braids down and the result was a soft, shiny and braidout. It started off more well defined but became fluffier and more frizzy throughout the day but it was probably due to all of the fluffing and my chronic Hand-In-My-Fro syndrome. I will try again tomorrow but with less manipulation because I really like the smell and feel of my hair.





If anyone else has experimented with products that provide a soft hold for a braidout\twist out, be sure to share and comment below. Thanks lovelies :)


Skip The Nail Salon...Get High Fashion, Long Lasting Nails in 20 minutes at Home

By JadoreBrittanie · February 10, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

In this rough economy, I have had to cut back on my product junkie, shopaholic ways and bi-weekly visits to spas for upkeep :(


Lately, I have decided to pocket the 40+ dollars I was giving to the semi-rude-limited-English-speaking-non-apologetic-when-cutting-me-yet-does-fabulous-nails Asian lady at my favorite nail spa. I have now been doing my own nails for a couple months and people do not believe me when I tell them not only did I do them..but I did them in around 20 minutes.


Anybody can do it. Its completely fool proof, mess proof, cheap, fast and GORGEOUS.



All you need is:

  • 1 pack of cheap Active length nails from Dollar General, Sallys or Walmart - $1-4
  • Hard As Nails Hard As Wraps - Powerful Acrylic Gel - $4-7 dollars at Walmart/Sallys/Target
  • Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips (Pattern or color of your choice) - $5-8
  • Nail Glue
  • Emery Board/Nail File



Once you have what you need, the rest is easy peazy :)

  1.   Start with clean nails with no pre-existing polish or residue
  2. Select nails that fit each finger as closely as possible. It may not be a perfect fit for each nail but no worries. The emery board can take care of that.
  3. Apply glue to each nail and apply nail, covering the entire nail bed not as a tip. Hold each nail down for 40 seconds and be sure to press out air bubbles.
  4. File each nail using your natural nail as a template and shape to the length and width you want. (I like mine semi short and sweet)
  5. Buff each nail with fine side of emery board to make nails less thick at the nail bed as well as to make the nail less shiny.
  6. Apply the Hard As Wraps Acrylic gel in a thin layer to each nail. Allow to dry and apply a second coat if needed. (Use a blow dryer on medium heat to speed up the drying process...especially if you decided to do two coats)
  7. Make sure nails are dry by rubbing a nail or to lightly across the back of your hand.
  8. Find the nail strip that fits each nail.
  9. Peel off backing and apply like a sticker to each nail.
  10. Press firmly using finger or cuticle stick included in kit.
  11. File off excess strip at the bottom with emery board


.....VOILA!!! Haute nails that should last two weeks or more.


Purchase your nails strips now directly from my blog by clicking the image of the pattern you want below.




Why Braid Outs Are My Bestie :) ..Tutorial and More....

By cocoloveaquari · October 5, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Hello my curlies!

I want to share with you ladies one of my best kept hairstyling secrets. It lasts for up to a week at a time (for me, longer for some), quick and easy, has tons of style potential..and its low maintenance.

It’s the Braidout!!!

My Braid Out Routine...

1. I usually co-wash first, I apply my conditioner, wait 10 minutes, then comb through with wide tooth comb only after finger combing out all tangles or kinks.
2. Then I apply a deep conditioner and let it sit 30 minutes to an hour with a shower cap on so my body heat assists in the conditioning. ( I don’t always deep condition before a braid outn  but I do recommend doing this at least twice a month).
3. Find your most reliable leave in and holding agent. I usually opt for the Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie. Before applying this, I ALWAYS add pure Coconut oil to my damp hair. Then I separate my hair into 4 big sections.
4. Before braiding each sections I re-comb out the section applying Eco Styler gel in either the Argan oil or Olive oil kind.
5. Then BRAID away!! You can part out different patterns or braid in different styles.
6. I usually do this at night so that It can dry over night, I then unbraid in the morning and apply coconut oil while unbraiding,
7. To refresh weekly, I use the Shea Moisture coconut and hibiscus hold & shine moisture mist.

Those are my seven easy steps. I know it seems like a lot but as you get a routine going, it gets easier. The style options are limitless. I can do a faux hawk, toss it all to one side, a quick updo or wear a nice curly fro with this style. It usually lasts me 4 to 5 days as long as I sleep with a protective bonnet nightly. I prefer the pattern of a braid out over the normal twist out because I find the curls to be more defined. They have a nicer pop to them.




Products Used... (click the image to purchase directly from blog)

Shea Moisture Organic Curl Enhancing Smoothie Coconut & Hibiscus


Nutrient rich vegetable butters condition hair, restoring moisture, body and shine. Enhances curls, minimizes frizz and provides curl control. For thick, curly hair. Sulfate-free and color-safe.

  • Coconut oil: Hydrates and protects hair from heat and chemical damage
  • Silk protein: Reduces breakage, strengthens hair, adds smoothness and silkiness
  • Neem oil: An age-old ayurvedic oil that strengthens hair and provides brilliant shine
  • No parabens, phthalates, paraffin, gluten, propylene glycol, mineral oil, synthetic fragrance, animal testing, PABA, synthetic color, DEA, or animal ingredients

Natural product, color and aroma may vary. Made in USA Apply to damp or styled hair..


eco styler Olive Oil Styling Gel


Made with 100% pure olive oil. Olive oil helps your scalp naturally regulate its own moisturizing system. Olive oil helps attract moisture to the scalp, and holds it in. Like all our styling gels, it is weightless and will leave your hair with a healthy shine and superior hold.

Nature's Way EfaGold Coconut Oil

$14.99 by Nature's Way


The products I listed are just my personal preference but you don’t have to live by the products I have provided. All you need is: your favorite leave-in, a good holding agent, and also a refresher for the styling later in the week. One product I do recommend to everyone is pure coconut oil. You can find in it your local grocery store or order online (by clicking the product images in this post). I say this because it is such a univeral moisturizer year round (and is also one of the only oils that actually penetrated the hair shaft.) There will be a post done just on the benefits of coconut oil at some point.

Thanks so much for taking the time out to read (this is my first post as a writer for Luxe Glam..YAY!!). I hope this is helpful to you all. Post your results/comments below. You can reach me via Facebook : Cindy Eleasha Hill Newbern or Twitter: @cocoloveaquari . I can’t  wait to see your results my curlies as well as get your feedback about what you want posts on next!


~Cindy N.

Luxe Glam has something new...Cindy N!

By JadoreBrittanie · September 19, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

As you all know, I am a busy lady so I don't always have the time or patience to finish a long video or edit posts. This blog is very much a big piece of my heart and I want to make sure that Luxe Glam is providing you with great, fun and consistent information on a regular basis so I brought Cindy N. aboard as an additional official writer and contributor.You will still get the same colorful posts from yours truly but Ms. Cindy will be posting great stuff as well. Some of you all may remember her. She was previously featured for our Naturally Glam Spotlight and shared her hair story and regimen with us as well as in the gallery of pictures from the Nashville African Street Festival.

She is known for being daring in her hair styles and hues and I just love it!


Below are some pics and her personal introduction to you all...



"Hello pretty ladies and gorgeous guys!!! My name is Cindy, and I am so excited to become a part of the Luxe Glam family. Its going to be such a fun journey sharing my experiences, natural hair life, and lot other things with you all. Let me give you a little background info: I’m 25 years old and I currently reside in Nashville, TN. I love all things to do with culture, fashion, music, and art.  I have been a part of the natural hair community officially for 2 years and 2 months.  I definitely try not to let my hair consume me, although at times it does. I'd like to think that I am pretty low maintenance. Lots of wash and go styles, occasional twist outs, and tons of braid outs. I experiment with color ALOT and I only straighten 3-4 times a year. I am looking forward to sharing the rest of my natural journey with all of you beautiful people!" ~Cindy N.  :)


Keep an eye out for her upcoming posts!

Luxe Glamarazzi: Fab Naturals Spotted in Nashville

By JadoreBrittanie · September 18, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Attended the African Street festival at Hadley Park in Nashville, TN and was very excited to see so much natural hair. I was completely surrounded by haute hair and had to break out the camera and snap photos to share with you ladies. There is so much beauty and style in Nashville. I love it! You ladies were ON IT! Thanks to everyone that I photod. You all were amazing. :)


If you need some hair inspiration..View these gorgeous styles ranging from locs to fros and funky updos.

Be sure to comment and tell me which style is your fave. VIEW GALLERY FOR MORE PICTURES.

Please share,"like", tweet and subscribe so that we can continue to grow and get awesome giveaways/contests for you dolls! THX



Yours Truly After The Festivities









The Best of Luxe Glam: Top Natural Hair/Beauty Posts

By JadoreBrittanie · September 15, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Hello Dolls!! :)

I have put together a list of my favorite blog posts from the past as well as posts that readers really seemed to enjoy or find useful.

The articles are broken up in to categories to make for easy exploring.

ENJOY!! And be sure to comment, subscribe and spread the word by liking or sharing via Twitter or FB!


***J'adore's Faves***

**Are Your Beauty and Hair Products Killing You??! - A very informative, important post on the hazards and dangers of some ingredients commonly used on hair and beauty products. many of them are simply not good for your hair...others ar detrimental to your health. A definite must read and must pass along. 

**Skin Care No No's- a fun, informative post that dispels many of the myths and misconceptions about black skin and how to care for it. Full of great tips to replace the bad habits with.

**Tips to Transform Your Hair  -  Tips that helped me during my journey. Many useful and simple tidbits that will help aid in growth as well as a more pleasant relationship with your tresses.


Natural Hair Tips 

  (great starting point for newbies, transitioners or those considering going natural)

Ask J'adore: Newly Natural Q & A - A great post that addresses many common issues with newbies like finding the right conditioners, co-washing, greasing scalp, dryness issues, heat damage and caring for color treated hair.

Tips to Transform Your Hair  -  Tips that helped me during my journey. Many useful and simple tidbits that will help aid in growth as well as a more pleasant relationship with your tresses.

Soothing Sundays - Pamper your hair, skin and body...tips on how to spoil yourself with decadent skin and hair treatments that promote glowing skin and beautiful growth.


 Natural/Ayurvedic Ingredients and Treatments

Henna: My New Hair Boo - my enthusiastic account of the beginning of my henna experience. It was love at first try!

Soothing Sundays: Bentonite Clay for Natural Hair and Skin - introduction to Bentonight Clay, a naturl clay that is great for cleansing hair, skin and creating spa like treatments (ie bodywraps) at home. Includes recipes to get you started.

Ingredient Spotlight : Mother Nature's Glam - Natural ingredients to add to your arsenal.


 Skin/Nail Care

Skin Care No No's- a fun, informative post that dispels many of the myths and misconceptions about black skin and how to care for it. Full of great tips to replace the bad habits with.

Our Skin: Going below the surface of Black Skin with Dr. Mona Gohara- A very, very indepth article about that addresses common issues with darker skin, the "black dont crack" myth, and ingredients to avoid from Dr. Mona Gohara, assistant clinical professor at the Yale University School of Medicine Department of Dermatology.

Red Carpet Fail: Simple Remedies for Puffy Eyes aka Bag Lady Syndrome 

Minx Up Your Nails - a look into the oh-so-popular Minx nail craze that took over entertainment and nail fashion in 2010.



Thanks so much to all of my loyal readers that constantly remind me why I started this blog in the first place. And BIIGGG welcome to all of my new readers! Be sure to comment, subscribe and SHARE!

**Spring Cleaning Blog Sale**

By JadoreBrittanie · March 26, 2011 · 0 Comments ·


As you all know, I am a self-proclaimed product junkie. I hear products calling my name everytime I enter a store with a beauty or hair aisle. Recently, I moved into a new condo and realized that my closets had way too many products in them. So, I decided to do a little spring cleaning so I can make room for my future splurges. Most of the products are unopened or barely used. Products range from ayurvedic powders to styling products.

Items for sale are:

**BAQ Jamila Henna

 **Miss Jessie's Curly Pudding

 **Organic Root Stimulator Lock & Twist Gel

**Amla Powder

**Tulsi Powder

**Kinky Curly Knot Today

**CHI Volume Booster

**Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Oil


Since I love my Luxe Glam divas so much, I decided to give you all the opportunity to snatch up these great products. Though I already sell many of these things via the Glam Shop, I am selling them at a discount since they are from my personal stash.



 (: One lucky shopper will recieve a free gift :)



Body Art Quality Jamila Henna Super Sift (Summer Crop 2010) -  $5 a piece

- ayurvedic powder made from the Henna (Lawsonia Inermis) plant that naturally contains a red-orange dye. When made into a paste and applied to hair, it  leaves an auburn or red rinse-like glossy cast and has amazing conditioning qualities. Benefits include less shrinkage, added strength,  blinging shine, faster drying time, heavier/thicker strands and stretched, defined, popping curls. Some also experience curl loss but another ayurvedic powder, Amla can be mixed in to combat that.



Miss Jessie's Curly Pudding 16 oz (opened but only used once)- $27


-The world famous Curly Pudding is a "smooth operator" that transforms shrunken kinks to super shiny stretched out curls. Apply a palm full of this soft hold styling cream to damp freshly shampooed and conditioned hair. Rake through large sections and air dry. For maximum elongation comb a nickel sized dollop thru small sections and air dry. Great for fingerstyling, 2 strand twists, shingling, Silkeners and Texturizers.


Organic Root Stimulator Lock & Twist Gel (unopened) - $2

- a premixed gel that adds both moisture and hold without build-up or flaking. Perfect for locks and twists.


Amla Powder (100g) - $3

 - is a natural astringent and skin toner that works on both hair and skin. It controls hair fall, cures scalp infection, and controls premature graying of hair. The paste of this powder helps promote luxuriant hair.
- Soak Amla powder with adequate amount of hot water preferably in an iron vessel. Leave it overnight, and wash your hair in the morning with this extract. Leave the paste on for hour allowing the nutrients to absorb and rinse the hair properly afterwards. Repeat every 3rd or 4th day for best results.
- Regular usage of Amla powder gives nourishment to the hair. It may also remove mild dandruff from hair scalp while giving body to the hair.



Hesh Tulsi Leaves powder (100g) - $3

- Antibacterial


-Cures Dandruff, protects your skin



Kinky Curly Knot Today Leave-in Co./Detangler - $7

 *One of my personal favorites*

-creamy herbal conditioner and detangler designed to smooth the cuticle and remove knots, snarls and tangles from thick curly textured hair.


CHI Volume Booster Liquid Bodifying Glaze - $7


- provides incredible volume, body and thickness to the hair.



Directions: After towel drying hair, spray CHI Volume Booster evenly throughout the hair and start blow drying for incredible volume and shine.


Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Oil Spray- $2
- 3 nutritive fruit oils: olive, avocado & shea. For dry to over-dried or damaged hair.
- Weightless conditioning.
- Dual action: nourish + shine.
- The unique formula combines liquid shine with weightless nutritive oils for an extra dose of nutrition.




Happy Shopping :) :)



Luxe Glam Ranked #18 of Top 50 Natural Hair Blogs :) **Late (But Still GREAT) News**

By JadoreBrittanie · March 24, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

 **Late (But Still GREAT) News**



In March 2010, Luxe Glam was included in an article by Angela Smith of the Natural Hair section of the Columbus Examiner about the top 50 Natural hair blogs. I didn't find out about it until a long time later. But nevertheless, I was very excited to see that my little labor of love was ranked #18 out of a list of 50 blogs. YAYY!!! Blogs were chosen and ranked based on popularity and reader subscription.

Thanks sooo much to my loyal readers and subscribers!! I never expected my blog to be anything special to anyone but ME. I probably would have stopped blogging altogether if I didn't have such a wonderful community of fellow bloggers and avid readers.

You all keep me going! Thanks again and again loves!!

 *Kisses Kisses Kisses*


Our Skin: Going below the surface of Black Skin with Dr. Mona Gohara

By JadoreBrittanie · March 24, 2011 · 0 Comments ·
Despite prevailing misconceptions, if you’ve got darker skin, you’re not immune to the effects of sun damage and premature aging. While the rules of cleanse, moisturize and SPF apply to everyone, darker tones do need unique care. We asked Dr. Mona Gohara, assistant clinical professor at the Yale University School of Medicine Department of Dermatology in New Haven, CT and a key promoter of skin care awareness and sun safety in non-Caucasian populations, about the chemistry and concerns of darker skin: </p>

1) What is the basic skin biology of people of color?

There are three layers which comprise the human skin-the epidermis, the dermis and fat. Within the epidermis there are pigment producing cells called melanocytes; melanocytes produce melanin which is the substance that confers skin color. We all have the same number of melanocytes, regardless of complexion--the browner you are the more melanin you are producing. In short, melanin determines skin color. Melanin has many different functions in human skin. Most importantly, it provides inherent protection against the sun and is a natural antioxidant.

2) What are some of the common skin issues affecting people with darker skin tones? Are these issues different than people with lighter skin tones and if so, why?

Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) is a condition which occurs more frequently in individuals with darker skin. It is localized skin darkening which occurs after trauma or inflammation. For example, when people of color get a pimple, for some reason melanocytes “rev” up and produce more melanin. As a result, when the lesion fades, the skin gets darker. The same phenomenon applies for cuts, bruises and resolving rashes. To treat PIH, you need to use an SPF of 30 or higher everyday, and give it time. Other remedies such as hydroquinones, retinol, glycolic acid, and chemical peels can also help speed up the process.

Melasma is another type of skin darkening that happens in individuals of African, Latin, Asian, Indian, Middle Eastern, and Mediterranean descent. Patients with melasma notice brown or gray-brown patches on the cheeks, bridge of nose, forehead, chin or upper lip. Although the exact cause is unknown, it is thought that pregnancy, birth control pills (or other hormone therapies), and some medications, together with sun exposure, may trigger this disease. Again, judicious application of SPF 30, or higher, and fading creams which include hydroquinone, are best forms of treatment.

There are some natural alternatives that treat both PIH and melasma as well, including soy, coffee berry extract, and licorice root.

3) Does a darker skin tone mean skin is slower to age? What should every dark-skinned person include in their daily skin care regimen?

People of color have more melanin, which provides “built-in” protection against the damaging effects of the sun. Because of the high level of melanin, darker skin tones show fewer signs of aging. In fact, a medium brown African -American person has a natural SPF of 13.4, versus a fair skinned Caucasian who has a natural SPF of 3.4 Plus, since melanin is a natural antioxidant, it protects against free radicals—the damaging particles that attack collagen and elastin and cause wrinkles--- people of color have a tendency to have smoother, firmer skin longer. To boost the protective effects of melanin, you should apply an SPF of at least 30 and a serum or cream rich with antioxidants such as vitamin C and E, coffee berry, kojic acid, and/or retinols.

Daily SPF of 30 or higher is a must for everyone because darker skin can develop skin cancer. Because some physicians and patients erroneously think that brown skin is exempt from this disease, this misconception lends to a delay in diagnosis and treatment. There is no question that people of color are less likely to become afflicted with skin cancer. Sadly, however, they are much more likely to die from the disease. Because skin malignancy is curable if caught early, there is no reason for an increase in mortality to exist. (For more information on skin cancer in darker skin tones and tips on how to prevent it, click here.)

4) What skincare ingredients should darker skin tones avoid? What should they look for and why?

You should avoid products that are abrasive or irritating since they can contribute to hyperpigmentation. Steer clear of skincare that contains the following ingredients: fragrances, alcohol, propylene glycol, lanolin, dyes, or alpha hydroxy acids in high concentrations. Also, avoid cleansing with a puff or loofah, which can cause irritation. Look for broad spectrum SPF with natural minerals such as titanium or zinc oxide and make sure your cleansers, moisturizers and serums have antioxidant ingredients like vitamin C/E, coffee berry extract, licorice root, and soy (to name a few). Retinols (vitamin A derivatives) can help improve overall skin health when used properly in small amounts.

5) Regarding cosmetic procedures, such as laser resurfacing, microdermabrasion, and fillers, are there any that you recommend for people with darker skin tones or any to avoid?

People with darker skin tones should be careful before having certain cosmetic procedures. Botox, and injectable fillers have been studied and proven to be safe and effective in combating signs of aging in brown skin. Although micodermabrasion and laser resurfacing are options for those with darker complexions, you’re more likely to have post inflammatory hyperpigmenation and scarring after these procedures. If you do decide to try one of these treatments, make sure your doctor is proficient in performing them on a non-Caucasian population, otherwise permanent skin damage may result.

<p>*Source: beautypress.com*
Dr. Mona Gohara

Baby Glam **Courtesy of Diva Sarah B.**

By JadoreBrittanie · March 24, 2011 · 0 Comments ·


**Sarah B. (a friend and mother of the beautiful, curly little girl, pictured left), a Mortician that resides on Detroit, MI  has been exploring styles for her daughter's natural hair. I have heard from many mothers of little curly glammettes that it is difficult finding natural styles that are easy and age appropriate so I just had to share this effortless style with you all. I can't stand to see a little girl already suffering from the creamy crack so I have to keep you natural mammas encouraged.- J'adore **



How To Style: Baby Glam Twists

Cleansing- I started this process by washing my daughter’s hair with Aussie Moist shampoo (I don’t think the type of shampoo used will affect the results) . After a few washes I conditioned with a generous mixture of Herbal Essence Hello Hydration and Aussie Moist Conditioner.

Prep- Once the conditioner was evenly disturbed throughout the hair I used a wide tooth comb to comb through the hair. Since the combing process is somewhat lengthy on an impatient 3 year-old I promptly followed with a rinse. Next, I dried the hair and added a small amount of the two conditioner mixture. I also liberally worked in Kinky - Curly Knot Today leave in detangler.

Styling- After washing, conditioning, and detangling the hair I began making two strand-twists in small sections of the back of the hair. As I moved to the front of the hair with the twists I began twisting a bit of Ecostyler Olive Oil styling gel at the root of the strands while twisting to get a neater and more defined twist. I found the gel to help quite a bit since I slightly increased the size of the twists as I moved closer to the front of the head. This was done to give a fuller look at the top of the head once the twists dried and set. It took approximately 40+ minutes to twist her entire head and the results are below. : )

Isn't she just the cutest??!! Thanks Sarah B.

Try this on your curly babies and post the results or comment with your favorite Baby Glam styles for you little ones.


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